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Arrested for Capital Murder

Defending a young man arrested for capital murder after he shot and killed a police officer who was conducting a no-knock search warrant on the young man's home. Todd prevented the young man from being indicted for capital murder, but his client served a minimal jail sentence for possessing marijuana.

Todd Ward

The number one complaint people have with their lawyers is a lack of communication. I promptly return every phone call and e-mail. My clients are completely informed about every aspect of their case. Their input is essential for me to protect them and fight back with a vigorous defense.

How We Can Help

The Law Office of Todd Ward provides successful and experienced criminal defense against charges for murder, sexual assault, drug possession, robbery, and possession of child pornography (just to name a few).

Our Focus

Time is of the essence. Do not let law enforcement continue building a case against you. I cannot protect you until you contact me.