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  • Russian Doctor Accused

    Defending a Russian doctor accused of assaulting his wife in front of their children. The case was dismissed after Todd showed the State his evidence proving no assault occurred. Read On

  • State Dismissed the Capital Murder Charge

    The representation of a convicted felon indicted for capital murder. The State dismissed the capital murder charge after Todd's investigation proved his client shot in self-defense. However to shoot in self-defense required his client to illegally possess a firearm, but his client only served a m... Read On

  • Securing a no-bill

    Securing a no-bill for a Korean War veteran who shot an intoxicated woman in his home. The grand jury agreed that no murder took place because Todd's client shot in self-defense. Read On

  • Accused of Resisting Arrest

    The representation of a young salesman accused of resisting arrest. Todd proved the arresting police officer initially punched his client in the face. The state dismissed the case. Read On

  • Houston Businessman

    The trial of a Houston businessman accused of participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine in several states. Todd developed evidence discrediting the multiple informants. Following a mistrial, the prosecution dismissed all charges. Read On

  • Houston Police Lieutenant shot to protect family

    The trial of a Lieutenant in the Houston Police Department charged with murder. The jury agreed with Todd that his client simply shot to protect his family and himself. The lieutenant was found not guilty. Read On

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