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Great Attorney, Awesome Person

I hired Mr. Ward to represent my high school son.  He represented him and was able to get the District Attorney to drop the charges.  He handled the case with great expertise and also treated me and my entire family with great empathy.  He listened to the facts and also investigated the entire circumstances and lead us through the legal labyrinth to finally obtain a just due result for a young man that will now have a better future.  We are very grateful for the assistance and guidance that Mr. Ward gave to us.  My son had been implicated in a fire and through expert examination was found to be other than arson and thus prompted the District Attorney to drop all charges.  Without Mr. Ward's quick and relevant actions this could have turned out much differently.

– Anonymous

How We Can Help

The Law Office of Todd Ward provides successful and experienced criminal defense against charges for murder, sexual assault, drug possession, robbery, and possession of child pornography (just to name a few).

Our Focus

Time is of the essence. Do not let law enforcement continue building a case against you. I cannot protect you until you contact me.