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Testimonial Letter

I originally came to the Dick DeGuerin law firm in February of 2014 having just had a search warrant executed on my business location.  The Feds came in, executed the warrant, seized computers, products and documents and left.  I was not indicted or even arrested at that point but felt I needed representation in case it might lead to that.  I retained the firm that next day and from that point, we never heard from the Feds for 15 months while the Feds investigated my case. 

15 months later I was indicted on trafficking in counterfeit products and felon in possession of a gun.  Since having retained the firm, the prosecutor allowed me to just turn myself in and bail out immediately with a minimal cash bond required.  Very civil process for me and my family. 

Todd went above and beyond what any attorney has ever done for me before and while I am not proud of it, I have had to retain at least 5 attorneys over my 50 years. 

Todd was very good about communicating with me, and keeping me in the loop at all times.  He would meet with me anytime I needed.  He negotiated a cooperation deal with prosecutors for me early on and had the felon in possession dropped.  Todd arranged and accompanied me to all meetings with federal agents, prosecutors and the corporate victims.  He worked with the 2 corporations to negotiate my restitution from a possibility of over 1 million down to a cash payment of 50K, prior to sentencing so that the judge would not have to assess that.

I was looking at a sentence of up to 10 years in the beginning (gun charge).  After a LONG 4 years, my court date was coming and Todd and I agreed on what I wanted him to ask the judge for, knowing we probably wouldn't get it.  We agreed on 1 year and a day strategy (meaning 10 months).  Federal courts are much different than state courts, there are no pre-arrangements with prosecutors.  The judge makes the final decision and it's usually within the guidelines but doesn't have to be. 

 At sentencing, I made my statement, the victims and the prosecutors as well.  The prosecutors submitted a 5K1 for the successful cooperation effort and asked for 18 months.  We asked for 1 year and a day or 9 months prison and 9 home detention. The judge initially started at 5 years but with the prosecutor and Todd's appeal for less time, he sentenced me to 2 years.  This was the best possible scenario considering all the details of my case and criminal history (2 prior state prison terms).  On top of that, Todd was able to request a self-surrender for me.  I am very grateful to have had Todd Ward represent me and I would hire him again if ever the need arises.  Todd is very much a professional in this field.

I am now home from prison after just 18 months, back with my family. 

Thank you very much for taking my case Todd.  I am forever indebted to you.


– Anonymous

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